Statements regarding COVID-19

Recull d'informacions i comunicats sobre la pandèmia del COVID-19



[February 7, 2021 - 14:01h]

Director’s Notes. Situation on February 7, 2021. Start of the Spring Course – COVID-19

A week ago we closed the month of January with hopeful news regarding vaccination, although this is happening at a rate not as fast as we would like. Fortunately, the latest data on the pandemic are slowly improving in Catalonia, which contrasts with the news of worsening coming to us from other parts of the world. It is clear that we must win the fight against this virus together or we will not succeed. As always, the first message of this note is addressed to those colleagues who have suffered, or are still suffering, the direct consequences of the disease. Once again we send you a very strong virtual hug full of encouragement and with the support of the whole community. A lot of strength!

As a great novelty, this past Thursday, the PROCICAT approved new measures related to COVID19 that directly affect us. In accordance with the approved measures, university campuses will be able to resume theoretical classes with restricted attendance for freshmen students.

This fact implies that we must adapt our teaching model (for the umpteenth time ...) for the Spring Term of the 2020/21 academic year. In this case, following the practice of previous occasions, the adaptation of the teaching model has been presented and debated this Friday the 5th, in the School’s Permanent Commission.

Following the indications of PROCICAT, the Updated Teaching Model clearly differentiates between the First year of the Bachelors Degree (Q1 and Q2 of all ESEIAAT’s Degrees) and the rest of the Bachelor’s Degrees or Master's studies. Apart for the freshmen, we have differentiated between the 1st week and the rest of the semester.

[January 11, 2021 - 16:54h]

Director’s Notes. Situation on January 11, 2021. Final Exams –COVID-19

I hope all of you and your families have enjoyed, albeit a little, the last few vacations. Unfortunately, the health situation has forced us all to celebrate a very different Christmas and, very especially, those colleagues who have suffered, or are still suffering, the direct consequences of the disease. The first message of the first communication of the year should be for all of you, sending you a very strong virtual hug in order to convey the encouragement and support of the whole community. A lot of strength!

Last week we received a message from the Rector indicating that the UPC maintains the planned measures that affect the end-of-term exams, following the instructions for correct mobility.

In fact, the measures and restrictions for the prevention and control of COVID-19 announced on January 4, effective from January 7 for at least 10 days, establish the extension of the measures in force since October 13, in relation to university teaching. There have been no changes in relation to university assessments and exams can be scheduled in person or online.

It should be noted that both options are valid and are allowed by the Procicat, being the power of the teacher coordinating the subjects to decide the format of the assessments. This is the option that was explained and debated in the Standing Committee on December 22, 2020 and that the School adopted. Obviously the particular decision of the coordination’s’ of subjects will vary depending on the typology of the contents of the subjects, the typology of examination and the experience of the evaluation in remote of the previous term. But in any case, the 2 options are valid, maintaining the relevant measures.

[December 24, 2020 - 09:23h]

Director’s Notes. Situation at December 24, 2020. –COVID-19 MERRY CRHISTMAS.

this we hope will be the last message of "Director's Notes" of this "historic" 2020 year. And I write "hoping" in a conscious way because over the last few months we have learned that things can change at any time and we have to adapt to be able to overcome. Unfortunately, this has been verified in the first person by our colleagues who have suffered, or are still suffering, the pandemic consequences on their health. I would like to extend a very strong virtual hug to all of you in order to convey the support and encouragement from the whole community. A lot of strength!

On the other hand, this is also the first message I send after the election period and re-election as Director of the ESEIAAT. I cannot help but thank you, once again, for the trust placed in the entire Management Team in these hard times. I also want to personally thank you for all the suggestions and concerns you have given us in the various meetings we have held with PDI, PAS and Students. We take note and will continue to work for the ESEIAAT community. Thank you so much!

At the global level of society, the last few weeks have been full of contradictions with health indicators that seem to be evolving negatively, disparate restrictive measures and a big hope focused on an impending vaccination. We have the feeling that everything can change at any time…

However, at the School we have not stopped working for a moment, we continue being a center for the generation of academic activity (even if part of it is virtually). I take this opportunity to highlight some relevant facts that I think it is appropriate for the community to know:

[November 15, 2020 - 10:03h]

Director’s Notes. Situation at November 14, 2020. COVID-19

We have just spent another intense week, with rumours, often contradictory or inaccurate information and watered down hopes for many people who are having a very hard time with COVID-19, a disease that gives no break. The first message is always supportive for all of them. Cheers!!

However, it seems that little by little the curve is flattening thanks to the huge sacrifices we are all making together and even there are news indicating that the first vaccines may be available early next year. However, we cannot relax because we also receive warnings of a potential third wave around Christmas… Uncertainty is already a constant in our lives and the only thing we can do is continue working and preparing different scenarios for the coming months.

In fact, according to the current agreement of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia, and at least until November 30, all university teaching is virtual and only internships and assessments will be maintained as an exception, always maximizing protection measures. At the School, in order to comply with the provisions of this agreement, we have adapted by applying various measures, some of which we have recently strengthened. On the one hand, we have extended the classrooms in “cinema” mode for those students who have internships and have to go to the School in the first year subjects (the other courses already had it); we have opened Space 24 so that students can take online classes; computer equipment has been left on loan when needed; teaching classrooms have been equipped so that teachers can take classes in streaming ; a modest ICT Plan has been drawn up to provide teachers with basic equipment for remote classes; ventilation systems have been installed in those classrooms that require it and, finally, QR codes have been placed in all the classrooms in order to make them traceable to their use.

All these measures taken at the School (among others) allow us to keep it open but, personally, it saddens me to see that all our efforts and our contribution to society, with individual and collective renunciations, they are not enough to contain this pandemic more quickly. I think that all of us (Students, PAS and PDI) are doing a good job, with a great sense of responsibility at a collective level and with a magnificent predisposition to make the spaces of the School safe spaces.

In fact, since September 1, we have accumulated 44 positive cases of COVID19 at the School, 13 of which correspond to the last two weeks. The highest peak occurred in mid-October, and the data show a clearly downward trend since then. It is very relevant that none of the positive cases were transmitted in our facilities proving, once again, that, if we comply with the corresponding measures, the classrooms are safe. We thank you for your continued efforts to ensure that there is no transmission within the School and remember to report any incidents related to the pandemic to .

[October 29, 2020 - 18:39h.]

Director Notes.New measures against COVID-19

2 weeks ago, the health authorities decreed that all theory classes should be moved to a non-face to face format. The measure did not affect the practice sessions or regulated assessment tests, and was valid for 15 days. In fact, in the ESEIAAT, the measure only involved changes to the subjects of Q1 of the freshmen that, in principle, had to restore the teaching modality from the coming week.

However, after several meetings of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (CIC), an agreement has finally been reached today to extend this period. Thus, within the framework of the CIC, the Government and the 12 Catalan universities have agreed that during the month of November all teaching will remain virtual and only practices and assessments will be maintained as an exception, with extreme protection measures. It has been agreed to extend this common measure, with an extended duration of 30 days, in response to the request from Public Health to maintain the reduction of face-to-face activity (as we were already doing so far).

Therefore, if the subjects coordinations consider it opportune, only the practices and the assessment tests of the subjects of the School can continue being in a face to face format. Remember that it is not mandatory to take face-to-face exams. In fact, the subjects that have planned to do the face-to-face partials, must also prepare the alternative remotely in case the restrictions change from one day to another in the middle of the exam period. In addition, they must provide a recovery system for those students affected by COVID19 (ESEIAAT protocol) and who cannot move.

On the other hand, pending only on the final publication in the DOGC, new restrictions have been established today to curb COVID. These do not change what was already established specifically for universities, but they do imply changes in the mobility in general. There has been a global confinement of Catalonia for 15 days, as well as a municipal confinement from Friday at 6:00 to Monday at 6:00. These measures do not affect the University, as both workers and students are exceptions, but it does mean having to obtain a series of supporting documents to be able to mobilize without problems to the ESEIAAT and return home.

[October 17, 2020 - 11:11h.]

Director’s Note. Situation at October 17, 2020. COVID-19

This week has been especially complicated with several official statements and extraordinary measures that we have had to implement in record time in order to deal with the evolution of the pandemic. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for your understanding and diligence in adapting to the new situation, from the beginning. Obviously, we cannot miss the message of encouragement for all people who are or have been affected by the disease that makes us go crazy.

Even though we all had in mind that at any time a new situation of mobility limitation and restriction of activities could occur, the prior ignorance of the exact scope and detail of the specific measures could not prevent it from being generated a state of nervousness and some confusion among society (including the UPC community). However, it is clear that the preventive measure (modification of the teaching model) that we took among all at the School in early September was right. Thanks to this, the functioning of Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees from Q2 to Q8 does not suffers any change with the new situation.

Now, despite our efforts to maintain it, the presence of Q1 Bachelor’s Degree will also be affected, at least, until October 31. I remember that the freshmen students only have to go to ESEIAAT on the days for the session of lab practices. When students are at the center, they will be able to follow the rest of the subjects electronically in the same classroom that they were usually assigned thanks to the enabling the classroom in "cinema" mode.

It is very important that students who are present at the school use the QR code traceability system to be able to act appropriately if a case of positive COVID appears. In this regard, remember, above all, that any personal situation related to the coronavirus should be communicated to

[October 12, 2020 - 20:54h.]

Director's Notes. Forecast new situation on October 12, 2020 -COVID-19

Dear community,

Possibly you may know yesterday's statements by the Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Mr. JM Argimon. He advanced that universities will have to do non-face-to-face classes for 15 days, specifying that he was not referring to internships (or assessments). These statements surprised us as we do not know that neither our University nor any other, were aware.

We still don't know when the measures that Mr. Argimon will start, nor what exactly they will consist of. We expect more precise instructions and will inform you as soon as they are communicated to us.

Recently, the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia issued a statement regarding the transitional adoption of new measures on university campuses to contain the COVID19 contagion index ( click here to see the full document ).

The final conclusion, after the statement from the CIC and several meetings throughout the day with the UPC Rectorate, is that tomorrow Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14 at the ESEIAAT, the university activity will continue as planned. As soon as we have more information we will send it to you, but with the teaching model applied this year at the School, the possible changes will only temporarily affect the subjects of the first semesters (Q1) of the freshmen.


Xavier Roca

Director of the ESEIAAT

[September 29, 2020 - 11:23h.]

Video. COVID-19 Quick Guide at ESEIAAT

During this week, classes of the last groups of students who were missing to do so at the ESEIAAT (new access to Q1 degree) have been starting.

For this reason we believe that now is a good time to record a series of basic indications of how to act in case of contagion or contact narrow of some positive case.

We have prepared a short explanatory video  (one minute and a half), where these indications are collected (especially at the final part).

We must act responsibly to avoid returning the ESEIAAT in a situation of total confinement, taking the maximum possible precautions to avoid contagion of the COVID-19. Especially wear a mask (well put on), clean your hands as often as possible, avoid crowds in common areas, indicate classrooms entrances and exits from QR codes (they are just being installed in all classrooms) and never move the furniture from of the different classrooms.

[September 18, 2020 - 13:34h.]

ESEIAAT specific prevention meausures in the framework of the COVID19 pandemic

We attach a document with guidelines that are intended to specify the measures established by the UPC for this course, with their specific application to the School, so that it is possible to develop our academic activity minimizing the risk of contagion by COVID-19

[September 7, 2020 - 21:35h]

Notes of the Director. Teaching Model ESEIAAT. September 2020. COVID-19

As I told you last week, the current pandemic situation conditions the application of the methodology that was presented before summer, choosing to review the ESEIAAT’s Teaching Model in order to increase the security of our community.

Everyone is aware of the pandemic evolution, which is in a situation of high or very high risk of regrowth in almost all of Catalonia, a much more complicated situation than at the beginning of summer. This reality has led us to reflect and conclude that it is necessary to adapt the Teaching Model in order to reduce the degree of global attendance at the School.

The final proposal has been prepared after collecting and analyzing the information provided in recent days by different institutions, from the Ministry of Universities to the Generalitat de Catalunya and the UPC itself.

The final proposal consists of a modification of the "Scenario A - Limited attendance" which has been presented and discussed with different groups of the School (Coordinators and Coordinators of Degrees, Student Delegation and Departmental Representatives) and approved by consensus in the Standing Committee of the ESEIAAT with the presence of all the Departments and of the Heads of Area of the UTG.

The New Teaching Model ("Scenario A’ face-to- face studies limited II") has the following objectives:

  • Contribute to minimizing the global risk of finding ourselves in the situation of the last four months, with a 0% attendance.

  • Reduce the presence of students at the School (approximately ¼) with the consequent decrease in interactions between different groups in common areas, as well as the mobility by public transportation.

  • Extreme security measures, implementing in the shortest possible time the UPC protocols that are just being defined.

  • Prioritize the presence associated with laboratory practices, which is a teaching element of great added value of the ESEIAAT.

  • Maintain face-to-face assessments.

  • Pay special attention to newly admitted students.

[September 1, 2020 - 21:59h]

Notes of the Director. Situation on September 1, 2020. COVID-19

I hope you enjoyed a good and more than deserved vacation.

Throughout the summer we have been aware of the evolution of the pandemic which, up to this date, we have high or very high-risk situation of regrowth in almost all of Catalonia.

In fact, last week we held several working meetings to begin to analyze the situation and study the possible measures to be taken in order to adjust the School Teaching Model to the situation we will find in the beginning of the course. And during this week there are still more meetings / meetings of great importance that could substantially change the way we have to work during the next academic year:

[July 19, 2020 - 14:31h]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (XVII). COVID-19

This last week we have seen how it seems that the emergence of regrowths that were expected for autumn has advanced and surely, we already have here the beginning of a second wave, we hope contained and reduced. We are all aware that this situation will be a great fire test to see the responsiveness of our healthcare system and society at large. We will see how long it takes to control the pandemic, what time interval there is between outbreak and outbreak, the most affected areas and the containment measures established… Obviously the degree of success in overcoming this challenge in the coming weeks will have consequences for the next course, let’s hope they are mild. So far, and unfortunately, we have already received news of a few (in fact very few) cases of direct impact on our community caused by this new wave. For them and for those who are still dragging the previous sequels, lots of encouragement!!

In fact, the current situation of cases of contagion that is occurring in Catalonia in recent days will have a direct impact on one of the groups that make up the School: the Administration and Services Staff (PAS). Management, has sent an instruction to the PAS starting from next Monday, July 20 until July 31, an organizational model of work similar to that already tested during the phases of confinement will be implemented: the provision of work in telework format preferably, with the possibility of performing up to five days of teleworking per week.

This will not affect the academic activity of the School but small adjustments have had to be made in relation to access to the buildings, also adapting to the lower intensity of use expected. The buildings are not closed but the schedule and the system of access to them are set as follows:

  • TR1, access through main door from 8:00 to 20:00;

  • TR5, access through the main door from 8:00 to 14:00 and automated access via Ramon i Cajal street the rest of the time;

  • Other UPC buildings in Terrassa will have automated access.

  • The UPC Libraries will provide the service virtually.

  • The parking lots will remain open, except the last week of July the parking lot of the TR5 building will be closed for security reasons.

[July 12, 2020 - 10:39h]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (XVI). COVID-19

We are just a few days away from finishing what will surely have been one of the most atypical courses of recent years. The pandemic is still active and we must take extreme precautions in any of our daily activities in order to reduce the risk of infection. Fortunately, we do not currently have any active cases in our community, although we do have colleagues who have been ill and are still suffering the consequences. Before we continue, encouragement to everyone!

At the School we are already in the middle of the Resumption Phase. This week almost 500 young people took the University Admission Tests (Selectivity) without incidents with an impeccable organization. At the same time, all the re-assessment exams for the autumn term have already been taken, with the spring term exams remaining to be completed shortly.

Also, tomorrow, Monday, the final exams of the Master's Degree in Organizational Engineering (last final exams of the School) will end, and the Support Group that has been created to provide telephone coverage for the final exams in remote, will also finish its work. It has been 4 weeks of support and assistance (from 8:00 to 21:00 uninterruptedly) where it has been found that over time the incidences have been drastically reduced. I guess we’ve all been learning from each other. I think it is fair to use this writing to make a public thank you to Joseba Quevedo, Blanca Tejedor, Mari Albareda and Sisco Vallverdú. Thank you so much.

From next week until the end of July we will be in the period of defenses of TFE (Final year project). A total of 452 and all will be telematic, which implies a very big organizational challenge. Gradually the dates of presentations agreed between the 3 members of the court will be published. Remember that the date will be published at least 3 days in advance.

Next Friday we will do the last Standing Committee of the course. In this one the Academic Calendar of the course 2020/21 will be presented and voted. It will be proposed to start the next academic year on 14 September for the degrees and on 21 September for the master's degrees. With one exception. Having such a late selectivity this year, means that the majority of new students in Q1 will not be able to enroll at the second half of September, so we are forced to delay the beginning of Q1 of all grades to September 28.

[July 5, 2020 - 13:51h]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (XV). COVID-19

This week we have entered into the month of July in fully Resumption Phase. Who more or less on these dates used to make plans for a well-deserved summer vacation, or had already made them in advance. This year it is very likely that these plans will have to be adapted to the exceptional and unexpected situation we are in. And we all need a good happy holiday! In particular to those who have suffered the exceptionality of the moment more directly. Lots of encouragement to all!  

Last Thursday, as I announced last week, a Governing Council of the UPC was held and a document relating to the Resumption Phase of the Plan for ending the lockdown was approved. It includes all the measures that must be considered at the UPC from now on with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum provision of the public service while preserving the measures of protection and minimization of risk. In summary, the most important aspects of the document refer to: safety distance, personal prevention measures (also called “respiratory etiquette,” hand hygiene, use of a mask ...), cleaning and disinfection protocols. and action procedures in the detection of cases and contacts.

We attach the document with this message and recommend reading it in depth to find out what the boundary conditions will be from now on for each group and for each service or action. It is worth mentioning that we will have to live with these measures indefinitely and for the good of all we must be informed rigorously and from a reliable source to avoid misunderstandings.

[June 28, 2020 - 10:48h]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (XIV). COVID-19

This week the so-called Resumption Phase has been consolidated, after the multiple and rapid phase changes of the previous week, and it seems that this phase has come to stay a good time with us. The race in the scientific world to find a medical solution to the pandemic is unstoppable, and according to the news, the stakes of public-private partnerships are strong. However, the goal has not yet been reached and the feeling is that the search is slower than our desire to find a cure. Luckily, it seems that we are going fast enough to identify and control the many regrowths that are appearing throughout Europe. In any case, what is certain is that the medical solution will come late for all people who have already been victims of the pandemic. The first thought of this message always goes to them, their families and friends. A hug!!

At the School we finished the second week of final exams with few incidents detected. The volunteers of the Final Exam Support Group continues to do their work and, in fact, will extend it until July 13 to cover the final exams of the Master's Degree in Organizational Engineering.

In addition to the exams, our school, like others at the UPC, is slowly reviving. It sees movement again and many encounters after months. The Resumption Phase has allowed us to recover certain face-to-face activities, although others may not yet be due to logistics and capacity issues. I use this paragraph to remember some of them:

  • the remaining final exams will all be NON-Face-to-Face,

  • the defenses of Thesis will NOT be Face-to-face,

  • the re-evaluations will be Face-to-face, given the small size of the groups and the casuistry of the exams,

  • There will be University Admission Tests (selectivity) at our School in person

  • and a face-to-face Open Day is expected to be held in person on July 23, albeit in a reduced format.

[June 21, 2020 - 10:30h]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (XIII). COVID-19

This week that concludes has been “multiphase”: on Monday we were in Phase 2, we passed ephemerally through Phase 3 (only a few hours) and we ended up fully immersed in the so-called Phase of Resumption. Everything goes very fast and with so much sudden change we can experience a certain feeling of vertigo. We observe with concern how regrowths appear in various places, although it seems that they are controlled with a certain diligence, a reassuring fact. All this gives the feeling of a system with great fragility that could be broken at any time. Making a human castle simile, we just successfully loaded a 3 of 10 with liner and shackles but the unloading is being shaky and at any moment a bad step could lead us to make firewood. Forgive me but I was born in Vilafranca and I work in Terrassa (two big castle cities) ... We hope that no one gets hurt at this time and a lot of encouragement for those who have already taken it. A hug!!

Internally, although the society has already moved to the Resumption Phase, the criteria approved in the Phase 3 at the UPC’s un-lockdown Plan are still applicable.These will not change until the new guidelines are approved by the Governing Council on July 2nd. The main difference with Phase 2 is that a 50% occupancy of the spaces is now allowed. Remember that, in order not to exceed this limit, those who want to access the buildings must send an e-mail to, communicating your intention to go to work in person 

Also remember that authorized activities are limited to:

  • Support Services to the Research Laboratory.

  • Experimentation related to Final Thesis (TFE) and Doctoral Thesis (with authorization from the Director of TFE, Director of Thesis and School Management).

  • Limited Concierge Service (opening of spaces, reception of parcels, ...).

  • Maintenance Service.

  • ICT services.

  • Academic Secretariat (by appointment).

  • Library Service (by appointment).

[June 14, 2020 - 11:32h]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (XII). COVID-19

Yesterday Saturday, June 13, it was 3 months since the face-to-face teaching activities at the ESEIAAT stopped and next Tuesday 16, it will be 3 months since the confinement began, closing the entire UPC. In those days, very few imagined that it would take so long to get to the current situation. As the days passes it recovers part of the activity which had been suspended, that had been greatly limited or that had been transformed, such as our teaching. Perhaps the pace of recovery is too fast, but obviously the data of new regrowths have been drastically reduce clear that data on new contagions have been drastically reduced and it is hoped that one-off regrowths can be controlled. The UPC in Terrassa is following the pace of the rest of society and, for now, there is no official evidence that new cases of infection have been reported among the School community since the end of April. This is great news; we will celebrate it whenever possible. Now it is necessary to give support to our colleagues who are in the recovery phase. Lots of encouragement!

During this week had been held a historic School Board, the first ESEIAAT’s online Board. Many issues were presented and 8 agreements were reached, including the presentation and approval of the Annual Review-Management Report 2018-19 (which will bear little resemblance to what we will have to do for this academic year 2019- 20…). In addition, a number of points related to the curricula of our degrees were approved. On one hand, it had been accepted a Modification of three master's degrees, which is updated and new specialties are proposed (highlighting the opening for this September of the new specialty of Biomedical Engineering to the Master's degree in Industrial Engineering). On the other hand, proposed the creation of a new master's degree called the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering Research, which will be, if all goes well, the School's tenth master's degree starting in the academic year 2021-22.

[June 7, 2020 - 09:35h]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (XI). COVID-19

After almost 3 months since the beginning of the confinement, tomorrow Monday we will move on to the long-awaited Phase 2. At the social level, it has been 12 very intense weeks with many changes and during which we have lived situations that seemed unimaginable, in a very recently time ago. Everyone tries to get out of it in the best way, adapting and making work, home and family coexist with distress. And if it’s not really distress, it’s a strong emotional charge, a mixture of feelings and sensations that, at times, leads us to situations of personal collapse. As every week, the first message of this text is of warmth and support for our comrades who are still affected by this damn pandemic. Lots of encouragement!!  

Well, tomorrow we will be in Phase 2 that, in fact, is the third or fourth if we take into account the 0.5… In any case, entering in this new phase implies that certain face-to-face activities are allowed even though continues to prioritize non-face-to-face work.

Authorized activities are:

  • Support Services to the research laboratory.  
  • Experimentation related to Final Research Work (TFE) and Doctoral Thesis. In this case, it is essential to have authorization from the Director of TFE, the Director of Thesis and the School Management.
  • Limited Concierge Service (opening of spaces, reception of parcels, ...).
  • Maintenance Service.
  • SICT services.  
  • Academic Secretariat (by appointment).
  • Library Service (by appointment).  

[June 5, 2020 - 21:27h]

Information / Instructions PHASE 2 at UPC Terrassa

As you already know, the Management has informed us that next Monday, June 8, we will enter Phase 2 of the Plan for the unlockdown and progressive reactivation of the activity of the UPC (document). We recommend that you read the document to have complete information on the actions related to each Phase and the progress towards normality.

In summary, Phase 2 prioritizes non-contact work but certain face-to-face activities are authorized, such as:

  • Support Services to the research laboratory.

  • Experimentation related to Final Research Work (TFE) and Doctoral Thesis. In this case, it is essential to have authorization from the Director of TFE, the Director of Thesis and the School Management.

  • Concierge service, limited activity (opening of spaces, reception of parcels, ...).

  • Maintenance Service.

  • ICT services.

  • Customer Service Points, only when it is essential to provide face-to-face support for academic activity.

[June 5, 2020 - 18:31h]

Manager Information about Phase 2 of the Plan for the unlockdown

As you probably know, this coming Monday all the UPC Campuses will move toward Phase 2 of the Plan for the unlockdown issue by the authorities and in accordance with the Plan for the unlockdown that we have approved by the Governing Council ( According to the defined and approved plan, from next week the control of accesses and capacity will again depend on the academic or functional units. That is why the access form has stopped being operational since midnight. Over the weekend, all electronic access linked to university cards, will be reactivated to regain the status the y had on March 13, and it is expected that during the week will begin to reactivate the reprographic equipment and the water sources (equipment of common use that will need specific protection measures).

We have planned a series of protection elements (masks, gloves, disinfectant liquids and gels, paper dispensers, screens, etc.) that we will supply weekly according to the orders that we receive from the different UTGs in order to cover all the needs of the personnel that does face-to-face work. It is important to know that there are difficulties in finding certain protection products on the market and those that are often found, are in small quantities. We will have to adjust the weekly distribution according to the needs. Therefore, contact your UTGs reference to communicate the equipment needs or improvements to the procedures you are detecting.

[May 31, 2020 - 10:39 a.m.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (X). COVID-19

Just today we close the month of May with the first news of pandemic regrowth. Even though, at the moment they are small sprouts and seem to be under control, this revival of the disease reminds us that we cannot lower our guard or relax because, in this situation, people’s health must be a priority. As every week,much encouragement for our colleagues affected by the current situation.

Tomorrow Monday, we will continue in Phase 1 and everything indicates that it will not be until June 8 that we will advance to Phase 2, if there are no setbacks. Remember that we have been implementing the Plan for the unlockdown and progressive reactivation of activity at the UPC (document) describing the actions related to each Phase and progress to normality.

The implementation of the Plan for the unlockdown, has meant a significant increase in activity at the UPC Terrassa, without incident. Remember that at this stage only people previously authorized can access to the School.

At ESEIAAT’s level, the past Wednesday was held a Standing Committee which began with silence minute as a form of respect for the victims of COVID-19. Of the different points that were discussed, I want to emphasize that it was passed by consensus that all Final Exams of the academic year 2019-20, will be Non-face-to-face. It is an important decision that avoids vagueness two weeks from now to begin the assessment tests. The July re-assessment exams, which involves a much more moderate and controllable face-to-face assistance, will remain in that format as long as the mobility conditions allows it.

[May 24, 2020 - 10:49 a.m.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (IX). COVID-19

It already has been 10 weeks since confinement begun, but we have just finished the first one during which the UPC has been Phase 1. The city of Terrassa is still in an earlier phase but tomorrow Monday, if all goes well, it will also move to Phase 1 normalizing the situation. This is a new step (slow but steady) towards the full revival of activity in our buildings. Activity is progressing but still very limited because it is essential to ensure safety and minimize risks. We wish we didn´t have to take a step back, we all know the price is too high. As every week, parts of our thoughts accompany all those who are suffering directly or indirectly from the crudest and most ruthless effects of the pandemic. Courage!

At the UPC level, the Plan for the unlockdown and progressive reactivation of activity at the UPC, which describes the steps and forecasts to move towards normality, continues to be deployed. We recommend reading the document.

In practice, during the next week, some minimum services will be launched at ESEIAAT to support Research, which is indicated according to the Plan for the unlockdownfor this Phase 1. Thus, there will be a Concierge Service in the morning at the receptions of certain UPC buildings in Terrassa for:

  • inform of the security measures,

  • supply Elements of Personal Protection (EPIs) necessary for the activity, and

  • reception and delivery of parcels.

Specifically, from Monday May 25th the Concierge Service will serve the TR5, TR10, and TR14 buildings and from Thursday May 28 the service will be extended to theTR11 building.

[May 17, 2020 - 10:33h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (VIII). COVID-19

It’s been two months since we had to leave School in a hurry to begin confinement. The day of our return is approaching, but slowly. Yesterday on Saturday the Ministry of Health issued a Ministerial Order in which it is indicated (page 26) that ALL University’s campuses pass to develop the planned activities of PHASE 1, although their municipality are still in PHASE 0. At School we have prepared conscientiously our buildings in order to ensure peoples’ safety as we are going back. For now, a big hug to our colleagues who have been affected by this damn pandemic. Cheer up!

At UPC’s level, the big news of the week was the approval of the Plan for the unlockdown and progressive reactivation of the activity at the UPC at the Governing Council on May 14. This is a roadmap that is expected to be updated as we move forward in the unlockdown process. The Plan puts the safety of people at the center and minimizes face-to-face attendance: it plans to maintain telework whenever possible, calls for a minimum physical presence in the centers, pays special attention to people at risk, facilitates conciliation measures, and defines the necessary self-protection measures. It is a document that covers many topics and in order to resolve the most common doubts the University has published some FAQs, which you have at your disposal.

[May 17, 2020 - 00:14h.]

News regarding the reactivation of the activities at the UPC

As you probably know, on May 14 the Governing Council approved the Plan for the unlockdown and progressive reactivation of the activity at the UPC( You can find more information at

Today May 16, the Ministry of Public Health has published the following Ministerial Order, in which as you can read in the unique additional disposition (page 26) in practice, ALL the campuses of the University happen to be able to realize the activities foreseen in PHASE 1 of the Plan, in spite of the geographic zones of Barcelona and Metropolitan North they continue in Phase O. We have therefore asked the centers, through the services linked to the Transversal Management Units /UTGs to start preparing the necessary action plans to provide the minimum necessary coverage for the activity to be reactivated.

[May 10, 2020 - 10:31h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (VII). COVID-19

Another week has passed, the eighth, and soon it will be two months since we had to leave school to begin confinement. Well looked at, it looks amazing. Today, health data looks promising, despite the uncertainty of a possible regrowth, after easing confinement restrictions. The numbers of people infected and affected on a daily basis are falling, and we hope that they will continue to be so, but we must not forget that the figures often hide what is, really, important: people. For everyone who is still in a delicate situations, courage!

There are still many uncertainties about the immediate and medium-term future, although some aspects are gradually being clarified. At the State, level there is already a roadmap, that defines the unblockdown phases, but we still do not know the dates of transition from one phase to another and whether all areas around us will do so at the same time. Even so, accompanied by a hazard of regrowth and new confinements that does not leave us at all. We will follow closely how the situation evolves, and we will inform in an official form. Remember that besides ESEIAAT i TAIEESE’s websites, e-mails, and social networks (TwitterFacebookInstagram) we have a new communication channel, Telegram, with the profile “ESEIAAT_UPC” and we encourage you to follow it.

[May 2, 2020 - 21:06h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (VI). COVID-19

We will soon end the seventh week of confinement with the beginning of a progressive unblockdown but still with considerable uncertainties about the near future. Too often the initial assumptions are quickly denied and the resulting decisions are modified. We will follow closely how the situation evolves. For now we focus on the positive part and a week more we see with joy that the number of hospital discharges of those affected by the COVID-19 is growing. To those of our colleagues who are still in a delicate situation, we send them a lot of encouragement.

As you know, this week the “Plan for the transition to a new normality” of the Spanish Government has been made public this week and, despite the controversy of its “phases”, it is clear that little by little we are moving toward this “new normality” after suffering the stress of confinement and adapting to telework in sometimes precarious conditions.

Also from the Director’s Office we receive news about the unblockdown and the progressive UPC’s activity reactivation Plan. The document is quite advanced and is now being adapted to the criteria and conditionings of the reactivation activity planned. It is necessary to remember that, in the authorities´ opinion, the confinement is still in force (PHASE 0).

However, from the UPC, it is valued as critic the need for exceptional access to buildings to carry out those activities research that can be considered essential regarding on economic, health, or opportunity criteria. An example would be those activities that, if not reactivated immediately, would put at risk the viability of a particular research project..

[April 26, 2020 - 09:18h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (V). COVID-19

This is the sixth week of confinement that we have had to live, with a particular St. George’s Day very different from the usual ones. The last days had arrived us emotionally contradictory news that talk in one hand of a gradual desconfinement and on the other hand a recovery of the full normality which is expected still too far away. On the positive side, we look with joy that the number of patients hospital discharges affected by COVID-19 grows, but on the other side we still have companions in a very delicate situation and of whom we cannot forget. As always the beginning of this message wants to transmit our strength and support to all the people affected.

The week has been quite active and events have been taken place at the School that involved all the collectives in our community in small or large usual acts (classes, meetings, exams...) or exceptional, as our first online Standing Commission of the past Wednesday. I want to highlight a few.

[April 18, 2020 - 20:37 h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (IV). COVID-19

Soon it will be the fifth week of massive confinement and after Easter we have retaken this collective routine of normality. Unfortunately, as the time passes by, we have to lament more losses, but also arrives news of hopeful recoveries, particularly inside ESEIAAT’s community. As always I want to transmit, as possible, all the strength and encouragement to everyone affected directly or indirectly.

The global virtualization of UPC teaching seemed incredible just 2 months ago, but now it is part of our daily life and we will continue with remote teaching and non-face-to-face evaluation until the end of this course 2019-2020.

I remember that this Thursday was the deadline for introducing in ATENEA the specific information of each subject about partial exams:

  • Exact content that goes into the partial exam;
  • Percentage of the final note that involves the partial examinations, and
  • Typology of the exam to be performed.

If this information is not complete, I ask the teachers to update it quickly.

[April 12, 2020 - 09:45h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (III). COVID-19

Today, Sunday, is the fourth week of mass confinement and our society is still in a state of great uncertainty. Without doubt we live in an atypical Easter, a confined way of the cross. I want to give a lot of encouragement to everyone who, directly or indirectly, it is affected by this devastating pandemic and express my deepest condolences to the people who have recently lost their loved ones.

As reflected in the Rector’s statement last Friday, April 3, the remaining teaching of the current course must be in a non-face-to face form. In the same way and following his guidelines, all course assessments should be planned in a non-face-to face form, including final exams, and students must be informed. The guideline from the Rector’s Office is that the tendency is, as far as possible, towards a continuous evaluation, with a distribution of the workload, so that the student can make a good progress and take good advantage of this educational activity. Also recommended, as far as possible,to reduce the weight of the note of the subjects at the final exams. Obviously, all of these changes will need to be documents.

Therefore, everyone must be clear that teaching and evaluation must be done in a non-face-to-face form and that they must be properly reported and documented. Below we discuss each of these 4 cardinal points.

[April 4, 2020 - 10:11h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report (II). COVID-19

We have already three weeks of confinement and once again I reiterate my deep gratitude to everyone for their involvement in contributing to keep the academic activities going on and in particular to the teachers. The appreciation is extended by a message of strength and encouragement to those of our community who are directly or indirectly affected by this ruthless pandemic.

I inform you that this week we have the School’s subjects adapted to the new teaching situations in almost 100%. In the two cases left due of force majeure we hope to solve them shortly. Thank you all for your collaboration and especially for the collective cooperation that makes us grow as a School.

In yesterday’s afternoon official statement, our Rector indicated that all face-to-face classes of this course will be suspended, leaving a hypothetical exams period beginning in late June. So, as I advanced last week, in the best possible scenarios the classroom teaching activity could be resumed only a couple weeks. If so, and if the general conditions permit it, these two weeks would be spent on final evaluations and some practice that could be considered essential. However, following the Rector’s guidelines, all course assessments should be planned in a non-face-to-face form.

[March 28, 2020 - 20:53h.]

Notes of the Director. Weekly Report. COVID-19

Two weeks of confinement have already passed and, again, I want to thank everybody their implication in contributing maintaining the academic activity, and in particularly to the teaching staff.

As you know, we are in an exceptional situation that unfortunately, can vary from day to day. I am aware that you receive a bombardment of emails from many different sources, but my will and of the School Board’s team is to have as much information as possible on matters that, on a mayor or less measure affects directly on your daily activity at the UPC. I ask you for understand on this point.

On this crisis, the School is reacting in the best way as possible, despite there are still some points left to improve. I think that everyone (PDI, PAS and students) are working hard to make everything work: degrees, masters, mobility, business, internships, infrastructure, promotion, etc.

This week we had been collecting the information obtained through the questionnaires that had been given to the teachers and to the students. I thank the Students Union for its work. Collecting this information will allow us to detect and solve specific problems, if there is any, and also will provide us essential evidence to document the processes of Monitoring and Accreditation of the School’s qualifications. I take this opportunity to remind you that we are lacking of answers of some subjects and that it is necessary to submit all of them to the coordination’s subjects of the spring semester (Q2, Q4, Q6, Q8)even if they are from the second semester and have not started. Thank you for your cooperation.

[March 20, 2020 - 14:31h.]

Management instruction regarding access to buildings in the face of the health emergency decreed by coronavirus COVID-19

Due to the growing risk situation and once the measures established throughout this week have been evaluated, we are obliged to issue the attached instruction regarding establishing a much more restricted and strict access in the buildings of the different Campus.

We have established a special procedure for those who need access to the building, which you will find attached. We have ensured accredited access to the ICT and maintenance personnel to units that have been accredited to us. At the same time, the directors of the units (we have already done it with the directors of the center) will receive a record, and you will be by default in the list of authorized people, assuming that, like the rest, we ask that when you want to access in the building, call the control center, as we specified in the instruction.

[March 20, 2020 - 11:59h.] 

Communication of ESEIAAT. Adaptation of Teaching Activities in relation to COVID-19

As you already know, the face-to-face teaching activities were suspended on March 13. First, I want to thank you for your dedication from this day in order to be able to launch the non-face-to-face teaching activities at ESEIAAT. I know that it has being an important supplementary effort for everyone; students PDI, and PAS.

The Directors and the Deans of the UPC Centers are in constant contact with the Executive Council, in order to know on firsthand the measures decreed by the Government and the Rectorate, and to be able to agree among all its implementation. In this regard, the latest news that has come to us indicates that the suspension will be longer than initially expected.

Consequently, we should not consider that the current stoppage is just a two or three week break. We assume that it is not wise to count on the activity that cannot be done now that it can be recovered later. In fact, right now there is a non-zero possibility that the suspension will be extended almost to the end of the course.

[March 17, 2020 - 10:32H.]

Instructions on communication criteria for positive or isolation cases of COVID-19 at the UPC

The purpose of this instruction is to obtain, as possible, from ASPY the most up-to-date and structured information of those people of our community who have been exposed to the COVID-19 and therefore, allow us to evaluate the impact of the crisis at the UPC. At the same time, will allow us to establish the most effective measures of isolation or spaces intensive cleaning.


We call the attention to our community members to inform the various isolation situations that have been aware of, due to the contact with any affected or infected person or persons.

[March 16, 2020 - 15:00h.]

Indications regarding external academic internships toward the activation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert.

In accordance with the health authorities’ guidelines, UPC has suspended face-to-face teaching activities starting on March 13, 2020.

The external academic internships are specialize experiences, under UPC’s supervision, which are develop in external places from the university. Due to the displacement restrictions on streets and having in consideration that the internships in any case are working activities that enjoys exceptional permission to perform, we proceed to give the necessary instructions that goes in concordance with it.

These instructions applies, to external academic internships that are carried out through educational cooperation agreements, either with companies, institutions or with the University itself, and at the same time it also applies to the scholarships that are carried out at the UPC.

[March 15, 2020 - 11:11h.]

ESEIAAT statement regarding COVID-19

Dear university community,

As you already know, the extraordinary measures derived from the COVID-19 outbreak the ESEIAAT’s face-to-face teaching classes has been suspended for a period of 15 day extendable. In fact, we are working with the hypothesis of recovering the School’s activity on April 14 (after Easter).  This means that all face-to-face academic activities: internship activities, laboratories and face-to-face evaluations scheduled until April 14, are canceled.

Following UPC guidelines, academic activities would be carrying out online.  We are aware that we are basically designed to be a face-to-face teaching university, but under these circumstances, we have to do everything possible to guarantee students that they will be able to follow the academic path for which they were enrolled.

According the Rectors Statement on 03/14/2020, UPC’s buildings and facilities will be closed from 03/16/2020, until further instructions, except for the Vértex and Rectorate buildings. Consequently, all ESEIAAT’s facilities will be closed form 03/16/2020 for at least 15 days. This fact does not imply suspending activities, since as in the same Statement indicates that PAS and PDI will carry out their work activities remotely, except for those object of minimum services that will be communicated by the Management. Going to UPC’s campuses will be avoided as far as possible.

To adapt to the new casuistry and the speed at which new news are emerging, a series of measures have been taken from the Management, which I detailed below:

[March 12, 2020 - 18:22h.] 

The ESEIAAT suspends face-to-face teaching activities from March 13, following the directions of the UPC rectorate and the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The dean's team of the ESEIAAT, following the latest instructions from the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as an exceptional measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, suspends all face-to-face teaching activities at the center from tomorrow, Friday, March 13, 2020. That is, there will be no face-to-face classes of any kind in the School.

As a result, the study classrooms, multipurpose rooms, computer classrooms, the library and sports facilities will be closed.

As soon as we have new information, details of the measures and actions to be taken will be expanded. That is why we ask that you be aware of the Center's releases.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration in this exceptional situation.