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October 29, 2020 - 18:39h] Director Notes.New measures against COVID-19

October 29, 2020 - 18:39h] Director Notes.New measures against COVID-19

Dear friends,

2 weeks ago, the health authorities decreed that all theory classes should be moved to a non-face to face format. The measure did not affect the practice sessions or regulated assessment tests, and was valid for 15 days. In fact, in the ESEIAAT, the measure only involved changes to the subjects of Q1 of the freshmen that, in principle, had to restore the teaching modality from the coming week.

However, after several meetings of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (CIC), an agreement has finally been reached today to extend this period. Thus, within the framework of the CIC, the Government and the 12 Catalan universities have agreed that during the month of November all teaching will remain virtual and only practices and assessments will be maintained as an exception, with extreme protection measures. It has been agreed to extend this common measure, with an extended duration of 30 days, in response to the request from Public Health to maintain the reduction of face-to-face activity (as we were already doing so far).

Therefore, if the subjects coordinations consider it opportune, only the practices and the assessment tests of the subjects of the School can continue being in a face to face format. Remember that it is not mandatory to take face-to-face exams. In fact, the subjects that have planned to do the face-to-face partials, must also prepare the alternative remotely in case the restrictions change from one day to another in the middle of the exam period. In addition, they must provide a recovery system for those students affected by COVID19 (ESEIAAT protocol) and who cannot move.

On the other hand, pending only on the final publication in the DOGC, new restrictions have been established today to curb COVID. These do not change what was already established specifically for universities, but they do imply changes in the mobility in general. There has been a global confinement of Catalonia for 15 days, as well as a municipal confinement from Friday at 6:00 to Monday at 6:00. These measures do not affect the University, as both workers and students are exceptions, but it does mean having to obtain a series of supporting documents to be able to mobilize without problems to the ESEIAAT and return home.

Therefore, if you have to change your municipality to come to ESEIAAT, and / or you have to travel outside the permitted hours, you must bring with you:

  • PDI:

  • PAS:

  • Students:

Emphasize and thank the commitment of the community to monitor and comply with the security measures adopted, reiterating that universities are safe and that the goal of reducing face-to-face teaching is to achieve the reduction of induced activity (as recalls the CIC).

A hug and take good care of yourselves!!

Xavier Roca

Director of the ESEIAAT

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