One of the priorities of the School is establishing relationships with other universities and institutions in order to carry out activities in the educational field. In this regard, student and faculty exchanges, the establishment of joint programs, and internships for students and graduates in foreign companies are particularly noteworthy. These relationships are primarily established with universities in countries that are part of the European Union, although ESEIAAT also collaborates with universities from other geographic areas.

Studying abroad offers an opportunity to experience a new culture and language, and it undoubtedly represents a unique and increasingly valued life experience, particularly by companies.

General Remarks

The academic record (bachelor's or master's) cannot be finalized if there is missing mobility documentation. It is important to finalize the academic record if you plan to continue your studies (master's) or request a degree.

Please take into account the duration of the semester at the destination, as it may not always coincide with that of ESEIAAT. For example, Q1 at the destination is from September to March (Q1 at ESEIAAT is from September to January), and Q2 at the destination is from April to August (Q2 at ESEIAAT is from February to June).

ESEIAAT-Student Communications

All mobility-related communicatins should be made through a Ticket in SAU (User Suport System).

All mobility documentation will be included in a SINGLE TICKET that you can open/consult/close as needed. This way, your record will be organized and grouped together.

For any inquiries or document submissions, please use the same ticket: Do not open new tickets.

More information:

Consult the available scolarships and grants.


Student Recommendations Guide.

Erasmus+ Student Letter.