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[March 20, 2020] Management instruction regarding access to buildings in the face of the health emergency decreed by coronavirus COVID-19

Due to the growing risk situation and once the measures established throughout this week have been evaluated, we are obliged to issue the attached instruction regarding establishing a much more restricted and strict access in the buildings of the different Campus.

We have established a special procedure for those who need access to the building, which you will find attached. We have ensured accredited access to the ICT and maintenance personnel to units that have been accredited to us. At the same time, the directors of the units (we have already done it with the directors of the center) will receive a record, and you will be by default in the list of authorized people, assuming that, like the rest, we ask that when you want to access in the building, call the control center, as we specified in the instruction.

Xavier Massó
Management UPC


Management instruction dated March 21, 2020, regarding access to buildings in the face of the health emergency decreed by coronavirus COVID-19

Given the instruction of the rector on March 14, 2020, of obligatory compliance to the members of the community, giving an institutional response to the measures foreseen by the different administrations for the prevention and control of infection by COVID-19.

At the same time taking into account the operation since March 16, of the established instructions, including the management instruction of March 14, regarding the organization of services in the face of health emergency decreed due to coronavirus (COVID-19), and especially the complementary containment measures established by the administrations and the different recommendations.

Evaluated the situation by the UPC Emergency Committee, as well as the need to restrict access to buildings with the greatest possible rigor to ensure the greatest efficiency in achieving the objectives of the measures established by the State of Alarm, and at the same time facilitate the processes of intensive cleaning and disinfection of the different spaces.

I have established the following guidelines:


  1. Completely close the accesses in ALL buildings of the University from 00.00 on Saturday, March 21, 2020, and for the duration of the current exceptional situation of decreed alarm.
  2. Only those people who inescapably have to take any action leading to the maintenance of critical facilities and/or services will be able to punctually access.
  3. Following the UPC emergency committee’s evaluation and the need to access the buildings, it will be necessary for the people of the community to have a duly signed nominative record, which specifies the critical tasks to be carried out and the campus or buildings where access is required.
  4. Individual requests for access, with an appropriate motive, are to be made by email to the corresponding academic or social area in charge of key services, at least 24 hours before access is required. In the event that the approval is given, it will be forwarded to (available as of 03.21). Security personnel will only allow in people who have undergone this process and a signature will be required upon access in order to relay this information to the authorities (Mossos, Guardia Urbana…).
  5. Once access is authorized, to access the buildings it will be necessary to call the UPC Control Center (934010754) when you at the door so they can open you remotely once you have identified yourself.


I hope you understand the exceptional situation that leads us to take this measure. I would like to insist once again on the need to avoid mobility as much as possible, and especially by appealing to collective responsibility.



March 20, 2020


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