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Master's Degree in Space and Aeronautical Engineering

Course Structure

The course is divided into two semesters (Sept. to January, and Feb. to June), organized as follows:


1st Period

205001 - Computational Engineering Elective Courses
2nd Period 205002 - Research Management and Aerospace Projects Elective Courses* 205003 - Master's Thesis

*This is the recommended structure for elective courses. However, the student can decide to change the distribution of this elective courses along the academic year as long as the total amount of credits is equal to 31 ECTS or higher.

Core Courses (compulsory)

1st Period – Computational Engineering

Practical advanced, experimental and computational Aerodynamics. Advanced Fluid Mechanics, focusing on computational Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence. Application of Aeroelasticity and Aircraft Structural Dynamics.

2nd Period – Research Management and Aerospace Projects

This course has a common Group of Research Seminar (2.5 ECTS). Besides, the students can develop either an Individual Research Project (7.5 ECTS) that will be linked to their Master's Thesis OR a Group Research Project (7.5 ECTS), aimed at developing a real European Union Horizon 2020 Project in the Space Sector.

*Elective Courses

The student can choose any other combination of elective courses (as long as the total amount of credits is equal or higher than 31 ECTS) and they will equally be able to obtain the Master's certification.

Depending on the chosen elective courses, the student can follow one of the four following tracks:

 Air Transport and Airport Management

 Propulsion and Thermal Systems Engineering

 Aerospace Vehicles Engineering

 Spacecrafts and Space Systems Engineering

(-) Neutral subjects

1st Period (September to January)

*Elective Courses

220321 - Airport Operations 5 ECTS
220322 - Business Management Airport 5 ECTS
220323 - Airport Building Systems 5 ECTS
220324 - Airport Infrastructure Management 5 ECTS
220325 - Air Transport 5 ECTS
220334 - Space Propulsion 5 ECTS
205330 - Applied Subsystem Design 5 ECTS
220332 - Astrodynamics 5 ECTS
220333 - Spacecraft Design 5 ECTS
220340 - Extension of Rocket Engines 5 ECTS
220341 - Internal Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity of Turbomachines 5 ECTS
220342 - Extension of Jet Engines 5 ECTS
220343 - Advanced Propulsion 5 ECTS
220350 - Aerospace Laboratories 5 ECTS
220351 - Advanced Aeroelasticity 5 ECTS
220352 - Advanced Aerodynamics 5 ECTS
220353 - Architecture and Aircraft Systems 5 ECTS
205052 - Design and behaviour of special structures 3 ECTS
220331 - Composite Materials 5 ECTS

2nd Period (February to June)