Coaching per a professorat universitari que imparteix docència en anglès

Edicions obertes als Campus Barcelona Sud i Castelldefels.


28/09/2018 fins a 23/11/2018 (Europe/Madrid / UTC200)

Afegiu l'esdeveniment al calendari


curs COACHING PER A PROFESSORAT UNIVERSITARI QUE IMPARTEIX DOCÈNCIA EN ANGLÈS. El curs està impartit per professores de la UPC, i tenim en aquest moment dues edicions obertes:

This course is intended for university lecturers who are either teaching their courses in English or intend to do so in the future. The main aim of this activity is to help lecturers who are non-native speakers of English to deliver their content courses in English to both local and international students.

The activity consists of some general sessions devoted to introducing the main challenges posed by English-medium Instruction (EMI). In particular, the course focuses on pronunciation, signalling expressions, lexis and functions among others. Participants will be provided with materials and resources in order to develop their English speaking skills and strategies for effective communication in lectures and are expected to actively participate in a variety of skill-based activities in English. At the end of the course participants should deliver a mini-lecture (10 minutes) that they will have prepared in advance. Trainers will provide in session coaching focusing on various aspects of discourse and will discuss the mini-lectures with the rest of the participants.