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Unite! VECP* in Energy

*VECP: Virtual Exchange Credit Programme

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Deadline: 24th May 2021

  • Candidates will be prioritized with academic and inclusive criteria.
  • Candidates without prior international physical mobility will also be prioritized.
  • Limited to two courses per application

Eligible candidates

ESEIAAT students from the Master’s Degree in:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Automatic Systems and Industrial Electronics

How to apply?

Students must send a ticket sau (https://demana.upc.edu/eseiaat/) with the prioritized courses they are interested in

Deadline: 24th May 2021

School criteria


Preselection results will be published in the web site (https://eseiaat.upc.edu/ca/international-office) on 20th May and preselected candidates will be notified by e-mail.

Selected candidates by the host university, will be provided with further directions in due time

More information

Please send a ticket sau (https://demana.upc.edu/eseiaat/)

Do not hesitate and apply now!...



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