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School Facts

Terrassa School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering (ESEIAAT) is a higher education institution belonging to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). With over 100 years of expertise in training engineers, the School is recognised for the quality of its programmes and ranks high in Spanish academic rankings. Its mission is to help its students to develop leadership skills and the ability to innovate in various fields of engineering.

ESEIAAT is characterised by an innovative, rigorous, internationalised approach that is applied to educational programmes of the highest quality. It offers a comprehensive education that aims the future with study programmes that are updated and structured to reflect new content and methodologies and that lead to bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are adapted to European guidelines. The School enables students to develop the professional and personal skills society now demands of engineers. Its teaching methodologies are designed to produce graduates with strong skills in foreign languages, teamwork, creativity, self-directed learning, public presentation and a range of other areas—in short, engineers with a strong, distinctive profile. In practice, ESEIAAT’s approach to learning and education involves providing a personalised service, encouragement and support to each individual student.

The School serves as a research support platform and seeks to serve society by generating knowledge and applying technology to meet public needs.

Other assets of ESEIAAT are its high level of internationalisation, its strong research drive and the quality of its doctoral programmes.

ESEIAAT occupies 11 buildings located between numbers 1 and 11 of Carrer Colom, Terrassa, with a floor area of about 31,000 m2, including 16,500 m2 for learning activity, 10,400 m2 for research and over 4,000 m2 for services.


  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Textile Technology and Design Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Technology Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Vehicle Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Master's degree in Management Engineering
  • Master's degree in Automatic Systems Engineering and Industrial Electronics
  • Master's degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Master's degree in Textile and Paper Engineering
  • Master's Degree in Space and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Master's Degree in Technology and Engineering Management
  • Doctoral degree in Mechanical, Fluids and Aerospace Engineering
  • Doctoral degree in Thermal Engineering
  • Doctoral degree in Textile and Paper Engineering
  • Doctoral degree in Electric Energy Systems

State-of-the-art training in Industrial Engineering

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in this area are fully adapted to the European Higher Education Area, and graduates are qualified to engage in all the professional activities that fall within their chosen field of industrial engineering, whether electrical engineering, industrial electronics and automatic control, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, textile technology and design or industrial organisation.High-level programmes prepare students to tackle future challenges; demand for graduates is strong; and degrees in this area are highly valued by society. Our graduates have the ability to adapt to new situations and accept new challenges.

Aeronautical Engineering, professionals at the service of society

Graduates in aeronautical engineering are professionals with full competence in aeronautical and aerospace science. The ESEIAAT is one of the three most prestigious schools in Spain offering aeronautical engineering programmes.

Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Systems: telecommunications applied to audio and video

The ESEIAAT is a pioneer in the introduction of this study programme. Demand for the degree has been strong since it was first offered, leading to the creation of similar programmes at other schools. The bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Systems combines telecommunications applied to audio and video with the development of basic studio and editing skills for video, sound, television, telephony and other communication systems. Graduates are fully qualified to engage in all professional activities covered by their specialisation.

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Product Development

The study programme for this degree provides students with scientific and technical knowledge of engineering and fosters the creativity needed to develop new products and applications. The degree is offered by just a few schools in Spain.
The programme aims to develop students’ ability to innovate and apply creative skills to technology.