University of Bergamo

Information about the Università degli studi di Bergamo*

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The University of Bergamo is located in Lombardia, a region in Northern Italy with more than 10 millions inhabitants and one of the regions with the highest GDP pro capita in Europe. With a history older than the foundation of Rome, Bergamo grew as a key town in Mediaeval times and is now a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe: its airport is the Southern Europe hub for Ryanair and other low cost airlines, turning over 9 million passengers in 2012.

The University of Bergamo is a State University with about 16,000 students (undergraduates and graduates), and more than 300 PhD students. The number of students is increasing each year, with a 7% growth rate per year between 2001 and 2011. A staff of 656 members (331 professors & researchers, 95 assisting academic staff, 230 administrative and technical staff) provides a dynamic scientific and teaching environment open to innovations.

Master’s Degree in Management Engineering

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The Master’s Degree in Management Engineering is part of the ‘International Programs’ of the University of Bergamo and it is a two year Course offered in English. The Master is addressed to students seeking to complement an in-depth knowledge in engineering with the ability to take strategic decisions and tackle organizational issues. The Master aims to develop the students’ entrepreneurial and managerial skills and to provide them with the ability to plan and manage complex systems. The Management Engineer is characterised by strong analytical and decision-making skills coupled by an open and multidisciplinary mindset.

Double Master’s Degree between UPC and UNIBER

Students who pass the specific curriculum of this Double Master’s Degree program will get two Master’s Degree Certificates: one from UPC and another from UNIBER.

The Double Master’s Degree program between UPC and UNIBER curriculum includes:

  • 1-year courses (60 ECTS) at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya·BarcelonaTech (Spain).
  • 1-year courses (60 ECTS) at University of Bergamo (Italy)
  • 0.5-year Master Thesis (30 ECTS) at any of the two universities. The Master Thesis will be supervised by two professors: one from each university.

If you have any questions throughout the process please contact by email at