Latest developments in autonomous vehicle research and postgraduate study

A presentation by Dr Marco Cecotti from Cranfield University


11/03/2020 de 12:00 a 13:00 (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)


Conference Hall, TR5 Building

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Dr Marco Cecotti, Lecturer in Driving Automation from the Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre at Cranfield University will be coming to Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya to give a presentation on the HumanDrive automotive project on 11 March, 2020 from 12pm  in Conference Hall, TR5 Building.

Cranfield’s Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre has been working with Nissan and other partners on a range of technologies to demonstrate natural, human-like control in autonomous vehicles, and will offer students and staff members the opportunity to hear more about this and their work on autonomous vehicles. Please click the following link to find out more:

Dr Cecotti received the PhD degree in electrical engineering from Oxford Brookes University, UK, in 2013. He worked for Tata Motors and Dyson on different automotive projects, focused on the control of electric and hybrid electric powertrains, and the development of autonomous vehicles. He then moved to Cranfield University to work on several research projects focused on vehicle automation. His research interests include vehicle trajectory control, path planning, localisation and sensor fusion, applied to autonomous ground vehicles. 

As part of the HumanDrive project, Dr Cecotti is working on the definition of a human behavioural model suitable for the validation of autonomous vehicles. He is also involved with the planning and the execution of the experimental trials, to evaluate the performance of the HumanDrive autonomous vehicle.


Latest developments in autonomous vehicle research and postgraduate study - a presentation by Dr Marco Cecotti from Cranfield University.

Date: Wednesday 11 March, 2020 

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Location: Conference Hall, TR5 Building.