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Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Vehicle Engineering


The bachelor's degree in Aerospace Vehicle Engineering, with an offer of 60 places for new students, provides solid multidisciplinary training in aeronautical engineering, with an emphasis on aspects specifically related to aircraft and space vehicles, including their design, construction, operation and maintenance and the infrastructure needed for them to operate.

On the degree, you will acquire the versatility to adapt to new situations and assimilate future technological developments in the aerospace industry. The bachelor's degree in Aerospace Vehicle Engineering qualifies graduates for regulated professional practice as technical aeronautical engineers specialised in aircraft.


The aim of this degree is to train students so that they acquire the competencies needed to practise as aeronautical technical engineers specialised in aircraft.

Students gain in-depth knowledge of aerodynamics, flight mechanics, materials and structures, automatic flight control systems and aerospace vehicle engineering and design. They also study navigation and air traffic control systems.

This bachelor's degree will equip you to integrate learning from a range of fields and to work on complex aerospace projects that bring different technologies together effectively.

Once you have completed the bachelor's degree you can go on to take the master's degree in Aerospace Engineering, which confers the competencies required for professional practice as an aerospace engineer.

Double degrees

With other Catalan universities:

  • Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Vehicle Engineering / Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering / Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management (UOC)
  • Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Vehicle Engineering / Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering / Bachelor's degree in Economics (UOC)

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Who is it for?

This bachelor's degree addresses curious, creative people who are able to work in a team, are interested in science and technology and have a solid grounding in mathematics and physics. Given the particular characteristics of the aerospace sector, they must also be oriented towards internationalisation and languages.

General information

Qualification type: Official bachelor's degree. Recorded in the Ministry of Education's degree register.

Start date: September

Duration and study load: 4 years, 240 ECTS credits. One credit is equivalent to 25-30 hours of study.

Timetable and delivery: Face-to-face. The degree is taught in the mornings. Subjects may be repeated the following semester in the afternoons.

Fees, grants and financial aid: Consult the fees for bachelor's degrees. Consult the reduction percentage based on income (grants and payment options).

Languages of instruction: Check the language in which a subject is taught in the course guide in the curriculum and in the group timetables.

Information on language use in the classroom and students’ language rights

Academic coordinatorEnrique José García Melendo


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