Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Technology Engineering


The bachelor's degree in Aerospace Technology Engineering, for which 60 places are offered, provides solid multidisciplinary training in different aspects of aerospace engineering. On the degree, you will acquire the versatility to adapt to new situations and assimilate future technological developments in the aerospace industry. Your career may involve any area related to aircraft and space vehicles, including their design, construction, operation and maintenance and the infrastructure needed for them to operate. You may also work in airport planning and construction projects, aeronautical company management, environmental and renewable energy projects, and aeronautics and space research.

The bachelor's degree provides the most appropriate training for those who later wish to take the master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Holders of the two degrees may officially practise as aeronautical engineers in Spain.


The academic planning of the bachelor's degree aims to achieve two things: one, to prepare students for admission to the master's degree in Aerospace Engineering and two, to develop students' skill set for direct entry into the world of work.

The bachelor's degree in Aerospace Technology Engineering aims to provide extensive knowledge of basic scientific and technical subjects that will enable you to learn new methods and theories. It will make you versatile in adapting to new situations and assimilating future technological developments in the aerospace industry.

The basic training objectives of the bachelor's degree in Aerospace Technology Engineering can be summarised as follows:

  • To provide graduates with broad knowledge of aerospace science and technology.
  • To enable them to contribute to the development of aerospace projects. To enable them to identify problems, assess risk and devise efficient solutions.
  • For them to acquire a great capacity for learning and adapting to possible changes.

Their abilities are especially relevant in an aerospace setting in which the principles of aerospace science and technology may be applied to develop projects and consulting services that are specifically concerned with aerospace.

Double degree agreements with other universities


Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Technology Engineering / Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering / Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management (UOC)


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You can also take an interdisciplinary double degree at two UPC schools coordinated by the Interdisciplinary Higher Education Centre (CFIS). 

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Who is it for?

This bachelor's degree addresses curious, creative people who are able to work in a group, are interested in science and technology and have a solid grounding in mathematics and physics. Your training will make you versatile and flexible in developing and leading projects in all sectors of aerospace.

General information

Qualification typeOfficial bachelor's degree.  Recorded in the Ministry of Education's degree register.

Start date: September

Duration and study load:  4 years, 240 ECTS credits. One credit is equivalent to 25-30 hours of study.

Timetable and delivery:  Face-to-face. The degree is taught in the mornings. Subjects may be retaken the following semester in the afternoons.

Fees, grants and financial aid: Consult the fees for bachelor's degrees. .  
Consult the reduction percentage based on income (grants and payment options).

Languages of instruction: Check the language in which a subject is taught in the course guide in the curriculum and in the group timetables.

Information on language use in the classroom and students' language rights.

Academic coordinator:
 Enrique José García Melendo


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