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Tittle selection and assignment

Students may choose a title proposed by an academic staff member attached to the ESEIAAT (Ofertes TFE) or propose their own by contacting a professor who is willing to supervise their thesis.

The general procedure for proposing and assigning final thesis titles comprises the following stages:

  • A professor affiliated with the ESEIAAT enters the title and other required details on the ofertes de TFE and submits the proposed title for review.

  • The ESEIAAT final thesis coordinator verifies that the proposed topic meets all of the requirements to be a final thesis and makes it public. The proposed title is automatically visible to ESEIAAT students on the intranet for proposed final thesis titles.

  • Students interested in a particular final thesis title contact the professor who proposed it.

  • Once it has been agreed that a student will complete a particular final thesis, the student requests that title via the ofertes de TFE for proposed final thesis titles.

  • The professor accepts the request.

  • The student accepts the assignment of the title.

Thesis titles must include at least the following information:

  • Title
  • Degree for which the thesis title is offered
  • Type: Study or design
  • Name of the thesis supervisor
  • Name of the co-supervisor (if applicable)
  • Objectives
  • Description of the work to be carried out
  • Expected workload (normally 25 hours for each ECTS credit in the curriculum).

When a thesis arrives at a solution that makes it possible to clearly identify (by means of a technical sheet) the characteristics of an element, component, piece of equipment or system, it will be considered a design, with a greater or lesser degree of depth (basic design or detailed design). A design can therefore be defined as a thesis that focuses on designing or implementing a device, installation or system in a field of engineering specific to the degree.

A study is defined as a thesis that involves analysis, discussion, evaluation of alternatives and assessment of results with respect to aspects of design, planning, production, management, operation of equipment, systems, services, etc. related to a field of engineering specific to the degree.

Generally speaking, a study involves more extensive and broader work, whereas a design involves less extensive but more in-depth work in an engineering field.

IMPORTANT. Master’s thesis titles may only be proposed by PhD-holding professors attached to the ESEIAAT. Professors who do not hold doctoral degrees may co-supervise master's theses.

IMPORTANT. Final thesis titles and the assignment of thesis supervisors remain in effect for one year. After this period has elapsed, the student must request the title again, in which case they may opt to continue with the same thesis supervisor. Alternatively, the student may change the title and thesis supervisor if appropriate.