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Final thesis submission

To formally submit the final thesis, students must upload the thesis documents via the Atenea-TFE  platform.

The following documents must be uploaded:

  • Documents that are an integral part of the final thesis (report, budget, and, where applicable, drawings, appendices and terms of reference).
  • The quality checklist.

When submitting the final thesis, the student must declare that the work is original and the sources consulted are cited in the bibliography by clicking on the corresponding "checkbox".

Each document must be uploaded separately. Only DOC, DOCX and PDF files (formats compatible with the URKUND plagiarism detection software) are permitted.

Once the student has uploaded all the final thesis documents via the Atenea-TFE platform, the thesis supervisor can approve the documents.

In the case of master's theses, the supervisor must complete the report of the final thesis supervisor and submit it to the head of academic management for final theses (

IMPORTANT. The examination committee for the thesis defence may only be convened once the documents submitted have been approved.