Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering


On the bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering, you will acquire the experience in design you need to plan and develop the entire life process of a product, as well as key competencies in establishing and developing operational, functional, technical, constructive, aesthetic and communicative aspects of production and commercialisation. You will learn to generate virtual and physical models and prototypes, use manual and computer tools for calculation and artistic and industrial expression, process graphic information and analyse and assess the social and environmental impact of technical solutions.

You have the possibility of complementing this bachelor’s degree with a specific pathway towards a double degree by taking an additional number of credits from one of the other degrees taught at the School. Generally, this involves an additional year of study. To gain admission to a double degree of this kind you must have taken a minimum number of credits on one of the bachelor’s degrees. The number of places is limited.


This bachelor’s degree produces graduates who are professionally qualified to undertake activities involving industrial design engineering and the creation of new products, concepts and services that add value to the production system and to supervise and manage the entire life process of a product. They will have acquired in-depth knowledge of the disciplines common to industrial engineering, product design and development and the identification and analysis of opportunities for innovation in a globalised world, taking into account society’s current and future needs, respecting fundamental rights, human rights and the environment and working for the progress and development of the immediate socioeconomic context.



This bachelor’s degree, which takes a multidisciplinary approach and has a theoretical and practical teaching model, trains students to become professionals who are able to design and produce the new products, concepts and services required by industry and society and generate virtual and physical models and prototypes that respond to real needs.


Double-degree agreements

You can take this degree as a double degree at the ESEIAAT in combination with a bachelor’s degree in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Textile Technology and Design Engineering



Who is it for?

This bachelor’s degree is intended for secondary school students who are interested in and motivated by product development and design and who are seeking to acquire a holistic view of industrial design.

General Information

Qualification type: Official degree. Recorded in the Ministry of Education’s degree register

Starting: Autumn

Duration and study load: 4 years, 240 ECTS credits (including the bachelor’s thesis). One credit is equivalent to a study load of 25-30 hours.

Timetable and delivery: Face-to-face. First year: mornings or afternoons. Second year onwards: mostly afternoons, although there may exceptionally be some practicals groups in the morning.

Fees, grants and financial aid: Consult the public fees system based on income (grants and payment options).

Languages of instruction: Catalan and Spanish

Places: 60 places per academic year

Academic coordinator:  Francisco Bermúdez


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