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In ESEIAAT have a wiacceso-titulaciones-master-preinscripcionde range of training university master's degree adapted to the European university system (EESS).They are supported by the Agency for Quality in the University System of Catalonia (AQU) and the National Agency for Quality Evaluation and Accreditation (ANECA) which ensure compliance with the standards demanded by the European university system.

The Masters are:

* Pre-registration only September

To start studies in the Autumn semester (September 2021) must complete the pre-registration within the deadlines set by the ESEIAAT (you can see it in the calendar section of pre corner of this page)

    In ESEIAAT also have the following joint degrees with national and international universities.

    Students wishing to access this type of education, will have to pre-Masters and the first out in paragraph MOTIVATION post enrollment, which option is desired.

    Registration deadline: You can check it in the "calendar of application" section of this page

    To access the Master studies in ESEIAAT must enroll via the UPC studies admission within the time limits set in the calendar of the pre ESEIAAT.(You can see periods in section pre-registration on this page).This procedure involves the payment of a € 30.21 fee (non-refundable).

    The documentation required in the post enrollment has climbed in PDF format and must submit to the ESEIAAT the day of registration and must be original and official.Documents to be presented will depend on where the qualification was obtained which gives access to the master's degree.

    The Academic Committee of the Master's Degrees establishes the selection process, validate and accept the registrations received.The state of pre-registration can be found on the corresponding application from the time when admission is sought.

    From the time when the application status changes to " Admitted " students admitted must accept the assigned place through the enrollment application and then follow the instructions to receive the address mail indicated in the application to make the payment in advance of € 300 admission.

    After the procedure, the student admitted will receive an email with the information ESEIAAT registration (access documentation, calendar, etc.).

    In this link you can see the price of credit Master and expense management fees for this academic year.

    Once formalized the registration amount paid as "advance payment of admission" will be deducted from it.If not finally enroll this amount will not be returned, except for the master's degree is not finished giving.

    For non-residents, who are not nationals of member states of the European Union to accede to the university, a master's degree course 2018/2019, imposing a surcharge of 1.5 regular price Master. More info .

    To access a Master should:

    • Having an official Spanish university qualification or a university degree from a university of the EHEA, which authorizes the country issuing the access to master's degree.
    • You can also access a title from a country that is not part of the EHEA, which has been approved by an official Spanish or without approval, in the latter case must meet the following condition: Check previous part University studies these correspond to a level of training equivalent to official Spanish university and faculty in the issuing country for access to master studies.Please note that access to this route does not imply in any case the approval of the previous title.

    In addition to the general requirements for access to all the masters, each program can determine:

    The selection criteria are based mainly on academic records weighting of the degree that gives access.

    The management will process access requests according to the report issued by the Commission of the Master Center.

    The enrollment periods are established by the Department of Academic ESEIAAT and vary if the student is of the European Union or the European Economic Area or not, that is, depending on whether or not need a visa.

    As a general rule, establish two access periods in the academic year, one that belongs to the Spring semester (February) and another in the fall semester (September).The opening times can not be simultaneous, so until a period is closed, you can not open the next.

    Access to the SPRING semester, the beginning of the study and enrollment in FEBRUARY 2024:

    origin students

    Deadline for pre-registration

    Presentation documents

    Publication List Allowed

    foreign students

    October 25 to December 11

    December 11, 2023

    January 19, 2024

    Other students

    October 25 to December 11

    January 15, 2024

    January 19, 2024

    Master's Degree in Technology and Engineering Management

    October 25 to November 30

    November 30, 2023

    January 19, 2024


    Access to the Autumn semester, the beginning of the study and enrollment in September 2024:

    origin students

    Deadline for pre-registration

    Presentation documents

    Publication List Allowed

    foreign students

    March 25 to May 31

    May 31, 2024

    July 19, 2024

    Other students

    March 25 to July 1

    July 1, 2024

    July 19, 2024

    Master's Degree in Technology and Engineering Management

    March 25 to June 15

    June 14, 2024

    July 19, 2024



    Admitted students to study Master's degrees at ESEIAAT
    Provisional resolution


    Legalization of documents issued abroad:

    All the documents required in the enrollment process, which have been issued in countries outside the European Union must be stamped and legalized by the appropriate government department. More info .

    Students from the European Union

    Students from EU countries need to make an administrative procedure to reside in Spain.Arriving be entered in the Register of Foreigners (new procedure) and shall request the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) to perform economic activities in Spain (opening a bank account, receive a scholarship, etc.).

    Arriving and make these efforts should contact our International Mobility Office (OMI), which provide general information and specific host corresponding to the legalization of their stay academic.The IMO will advise on all matters relating to their status as students from EU countries.

    EU students

    The visa:

    Foreign students from countries outside the EU in which the competent authorities have established that must be entered Spain with visa must apply for a study visa type D (also their families) in consular / embassy Spaniards.

    NO need to enter Spain with a tourist visa but this delay the proceedings and delayed joining the courses, because here it is impossible to change the visa and will be forced to return to their home countries at the end the period foreseen in tourism concept (usually up to three months) to ask the correct visa.

    Extension of visa for studies:

    Upon arrival, non-EU foreign students with visas for studies must apply for a student residence and NIE (foreign identification number).

    To process the initial application of these documents our International Mobility Office (OMI) will provide general information and specific host corresponding to the legalization of their stay academic.Also inform them of the necessary documents (form, registration certificate, photographs, etc.) that are needed and to indicate where to go.

    The student residence card must be requested within one month from the entry into Spain, regardless that have visa valid for three months, so it is important to prove the date of entry across the border.So the authorities tend to put the date on the visa.If for whatever reason, the students did not have this date in the passport, have since entry to Spain for a period of 72 hours to go to any police station and ask for a certificate of arrival for this asks the transport ticket.

    Card residence permit issued by the Regional Government for these students usually valid for one year and if the studies are longer than the period initially granted renewal must be requested by the IMO.It is extremely important to ask for the renewal before it expires to keep the legality of their stay in Spain.

    Non-EU students travel to another country:

    Authorization to stay in Spain does not authorize automatically to travel freely around the European Union.International students from non-EU countries can not travel, circular, transit, work for Europe without specific permission.

    If Spain once the student community should not travel to any other country of the European Union because of their studies, must apply the appropriate student visa for this country.If you want to travel or leisure tourism, should consult the consulate of the country of destination and ask, if necessary, the corresponding tourist visa to return to Spain without difficulties.

    The non-EU students can not travel to another country (go on holiday, returning to their country of origin, travel studies, etc.) While the card is being processed or while s stay ' pending renewal of expired.We must ask, before leaving, return authorization be expected in Spain and in certain periods (Christmas, etc.) There is a buildup of applications and a delay in the granting of authorizations.

    For questions it is important to contact the IMO and the embassy / consulate of the destination country.


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