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October 17, 2020 - 11:11h] Director’s Note. Situation at October 17, 2020. COVID-19

October 17, 2020 - 11:11h] Director’s Note. Situation at October 17, 2020. COVID-19

Dear friends,


This week has been especially complicated with several official statements and extraordinary measures that we have had to implement in record time in order to deal with the evolution of the pandemic. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for your understanding and diligence in adapting to the new situation, from the beginning. Obviously, we cannot miss the message of encouragement for all people who are or have been affected by the disease that makes us go crazy.

Even though we all had in mind that at any time a new situation of mobility limitation and restriction of activities could occur, the prior ignorance of the exact scope and detail of the specific measures could not prevent it from being generated a state of nervousness and some confusion among society (including the UPC community). However, it is clear that the preventive measure (modification of the teaching model) that we took among all at the School in early September was right. Thanks to this, the functioning of Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees from Q2 to Q8 does not suffers any change with the new situation.

Now, despite our efforts to maintain it, the presence of Q1 Bachelor’s Degree will also be affected, at least, until October 31. I remember that the freshmen students only have to go to ESEIAAT on the days for the session of lab practices. When students are at the center, they will be able to follow the rest of the subjects electronically in the same classroom that they were usually assigned thanks to the enabling the classroom in "cinema" mode.

It is very important that students who are present at the school use the QR code traceability system to be able to act appropriately if a case of positive COVID appears. In this regard, remember, above all, that any personal situation related to the coronavirus should be communicated to .

We ask the Faculty to use ATENEA as the main via to communicate in what concrete way the ron-line teaching should be followed for each of the subjects. On the other hand, we ask the Student to stay very alert to the information in order to minimize the incidences and to be able to obtain a good advantage of the studies.

We are once again in a complicated situation that affects us, not only, at work but also personally. For incidents related to the operation of the new day-to-day, remember that you can contact ESEIAAT Direction ( ). With regard to the personal and mental situation, the consequences of the stressful situations we live in should not be underestimated and I want to remind you of the existence of the UPC Psychological Counseling Service. You can find other useful information for all groups (PDI, PAS, Students) on the UPC COVID-19 Portal .

I confess that our intention was to reduce the number of communications addressed to the community so as not to overwhelm you, but the situation experienced in recent days has made us think that it would be good idea to make a small summary of the current situation.

Lots of encouragement, lots of strength and now more than ever: let’s take care of ourselves.

A hug to everyone!!

Xavier Roca

Director of the ESEIAAT

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