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[March 17, 2020] Instructions on communication criteria for positive or isolation cases of COVID-19 at the UPC.

Dear school community,
According to the Manager’s instructions, enclose you will find the notification guidelines for
reporting exposure cases to the Coronavirus COVID-19.

In these instructions, we ask you to use as a unique channel of communication the ASPY. This
is the health insurance, which only manages occupational medicine. So please communicate
any coronavirus exposure to:

Having the data of possible Coronavirus cases well-structured, on real-time will allow us to take
more effective actions, while also combating risk for people who come or work on our

I hope that you all, as much as possible, have a good time during this quarantine period.

Best regards

Mercedes Jiménez
Head of the UTGCT


The purpose of this instruction is to obtain, as possible, from ASPY the most up-to-date and structured information of those people of our community who have been exposed to the COVID-19 and therefore, allow us to evaluate the impact of the crisis at the UPC. At the same time, will allow us to establish the most effective measures of isolation or spaces intensive cleaning.

We call the attention to our community members to inform the various isolation situations that have been aware of, due to the contact with any affected or infected person or persons 

The channel established to communicate it is 

We put it directly through the entity that manages the occupational medicine service.  In order to guarantee the confidentiality of those affected or infected the healthcare staff who manages this channel will only inform to the UPC the following:

  • Situation: infection/isolation for contact.
  • If it is PDI/PAS/Student.
  • School/Faculty/Department/Institute/Service/Unit/Others.
  • If it is a student, course, and degree.
  • Date when the health service notified him/her the infection and/or medical quarantine.
  • Areas where he/she was carrying out the activity a week before the notification of the infection or isolation.

At the same time, we ask all Academic Units Directors and/or Head of Services, to encourage this unique channel of communication for notifying situations of affected or infected persons related to their unit.

In the event that you have received a notice in advance, please inform the affected person that he/she has to notify once again to ASPY using the link above mentioned.

IMPORTANT: this is a channel of cases communication about COVID-19. This is not a channel of information. The channel of public health about Coronavirus is 061, CATSALUT, and the Health Ministry.


March 16, 2020

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